2017 Season

Qualified 2017 Master National.

Dudley has qualified for the 2017 Master National. Here are the results.

  1. Rainer HRC Spring 2017 HT
  2. Oregon Hunting Club 2017 Mermorial Day DH Test 2
  3. Evergreen Golden Retriever Club 2017 HT
  4. Rose City Labrador RC HT 2017

Passed the 2016 Master National!

Dudley has passed this years Master National! Dudley was one of the only 61 dogs out of the 140 in the flight to qualify. Thanks goes out to Andy Fontenot of Waterdog University for all his work and training this year. Here is a link to the callbacks from the event 2016 Callbacks (pdf)

2015 - 2016 News

Dec 2015

Dudley has been "retired" from the testing for the last couple of years hence no updates. After some discussions with his trainer we are going to take him out of retirement for another test season. So look for updates starting in February / March 2016.

May 2016

May 7th

Dudley earned his first leg to qualify for the 2016 National. Dudley has had no training or seen any setups for nearly two years and this was his first event back after only one week of training. He was one of 30 dogs out of 60 to earn a pass. View Results (PDF)

May 14th

Dudley did not earn a pass at the Rainer Hunting Retriever Event. The entry total was 37 and 12 dogs earned passes.

May 27th - 28th

Dudley completed his second and third leg of qualification at the Oregon Double header. On day one, he was one of 23 dogs out of 48 entrants to passed. View Results (PDF)
On day two, he was one of 22 dogs out 43 entrants to pass. View Results (PDF)

June 2016

Dudley completed his fourth leg of qualification at the Umpqua Hunt Test. He was one of 22 dogs from a flight of 47 to passed.

Jul 2016

Jul 2nd

Dudley completed his fifth leg of qualification at Evergreen Hunt Test. Dudley was one of the 11 dogs from his flight of 29 to passed. View Results (PDF)

Jul 9

Dudley completed his sixth leg of qualificaiton at Rose City Hunt Test. Results have not been posted for this event yet.

Qualified for 2016 Master Nation!!!

After being retired and not working for nearly 2 years Dudley qualified for the Master National earning the 6 required passes in 7 tests.

2014 News

March 2014

Dudley is currently in Louisiana training and competing. This year we are focusing on qualifying and competing in the 2014 Master Nationals. He's already completed 2 legs passing both the days of the North Alabama Retriever Club Double Master. View the Results The next event he is registered for is the Lake Charles Retriever Club Hunt Test in Welsh, LA April 5th. In the mean time, he's also ran a Finished leg at a UKC Hunt Test earning another 15 UKC Champion Points.

April 2014

As previously stated, Dudley was running the Lake Charles Retriever Club Hunt Test in Welsh, LA to get qualifying points for the Master National this year. I received an exciting call from the handler not only did Dudley pass the test for the weekend but he lined all three blinds. To line one is amazing but all three is just well not sure it's really sunk in yet.

June 2014

Dudley is in the final stages of qualifying for the 2014 Master Nationals. Still running strong he has one more test to pass before he is qualified.

July 2014

Qualified!!! Dudley has qualified for the Master National with a pass at the Evergreen Golden Retriever Hunt Test View Results he will be enjoying some down time this summer returning to training in early September to prepare for the event. I will continue to post updates here as the year goes on.